Radiation Protection

BHI Energy is the largest supplier of radiation protection services to North America with over 40 years of experience.  We understand the demands of the industry and have the expertise required to apply solid fundamentals to ensure a high performing organization to protect workers, the public and the environment. Our personnel work alongside your facility staff, are outsourced for specific department functions or are completely turnkey.

We are a diverse organization providing support for:

  • Routine Nuclear Power Plant Operations
  • Radiological High Risk Projects
  • Planned and Emergent Plant Outages
  • Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
  • Radiological Decontamination
  • Mitigation of Environmental Hazards
  • Facilities Maintenance

Experts in Nuclear

BHI Energy has provided radiation protection services to every operating nuclear power plant, every major Department of Energy (DOE) site closure project, and every commercial nuclear power plant decommissioning project in the US.  We have supported more than 1,100 refueling outages, and routinely provide radiation protection personnel for more than 6,000 positions annually.

Our executive team is comprised of experts with hands-on nuclear experience including former utility management and line supervision, radiation protection managers, radiological engineers, health physicists and radiation protection technicians.   Today, BHI is a leader in identifying competent individuals to begin a career as radiation protection technicians with a dedicated recruiting team supported by detailed processes and proprietary software.  We are certified by EPRI to train and qualify candidates using the Standardized Task Evaluation process.

Our Capabilities

  • Management & Supervision (CHP, RPM, RSO, ES&H)
  • Radiation Protection Technicians
  • Decontamination Technicians
  • Radiological Engineering
  • Dosimetry
  • Radiological Work Planning & Scheduling
  • Instrumentation
  • Waste Handling & Shipping
  • Expert Consultants for Special Projects
  • Program Evaluation & Audits
  • Entry Level Apprentice Technicians
  • Entire Onboarding & Screening Process
  • Radiation Protection Training & Qualification

Technical Support Services & Equipment

BHI provides professional and technical support services to nuclear and other facilities to implement ALARA practices, source-term reduction and environmental monitoring, as well as services that encompass radiological waste solutions, buried pipe work, and specialty coatings. BHI offers a wide range of technically advanced equipment including decontamination technologies, HEPA ventilation systems, communications, and video, audio, and telemetry for remote monitoring of radiation workers.

We pride ourselves in our ability to leverage the skill sets of our corporate management and subject matter experts, backed by a pool of industry and regulatory professionals, to offer innovative technical approaches. Focused on superior customer service and cost effectiveness, each project is customized to our client with unique scope, duration and cost.

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Radiation Protection Training

BHI maintains a pipeline development initiative along with our clients and industry representatives to continually invest in new talent.    We maintain certification with EPRI to provide initial and continuing training that ensures qualified RP technicians at the junior and senior levels.

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