CZT Gamma Spectroscopy System

The cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) gamma spectroscopy system is a highly portable multichannel analyzer developed by Canberra. The semiconductor-like detector is capable of providing the data that facilitate trending nuclide-specific gamma activity concentration. BHI Energy typically completes the CZT source-term characterization process in three phases:

  • Collection of measurements
  • Data reduction
  • Report development 

Industry standard

The CZT method for source-term characterization is rapidly becoming the industry standard.  CZT measurements are made on predefined systems, structures and components that have been identified as contributing to the overall source-term. Plant chemistry and radiation protection organizations have used CZT data to guide actions taken to reduce source-term through operating and shutdown chemistry. They have also used it to assess the effectiveness of cleanup resins and other source-term reduction initiatives. Additionally, CZT data provides insight into how changes in plant source-term affect instrumentation and dosimetry response.

Key Advantages

Advantages to using this CZT technology include:

  • Measures data to values within 10% of a Germanium Lithium (GeLi) detector
  • Peak resolution superior to Sodium Iodide (NaI)
  • Extremely portable equipment vs. liquid-cooled detector, as no cooling is required
  • Easily acquired measurements—no need for additional scaffolding or rigging support

Demonstrated Performance

BHI Energy understands the importance of measurement location consistency as a critical factor in maintaining data integrity during data collection for trending and comparing data. Our experience and demonstrated performance ensure measurement locations and appropriate source to detector geometry are maintained. We also maintain a database of photos and field notes to ensure reproducibility of the measurements.