Epoxy Coatings

BHI Energy has teamed with Warren Environmental to form BWC, LLC (BWC). BWC has developed and patented a unique and extremely efficient process of applying several epoxy-based resin systems.  Our patented process increases application rates while maintaining the proven superior performance of our epoxy products.

The BWC team possesses the requisite experience, capabilities and resources necessary to ensure your project receives the best available rehabilitation service in the industry.  We offer the benefit of inspection, cleaning and repair services, as well as the most experienced nuclear services provider the commercial nuclear industry has to offer.

S-301 and ThermoFlex

S-301 and ThermoFlex are epoxy-based products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendEpoxy Coatingly. They contain no solvent or volatile organic compounds. Both products offer superior surface bonding to wet material such as metal, concrete and soil. S-301 sets hard while ThermoFlex will retain pliability. Both products can be infused with metals such as tungsten or iron.

Features & advantages of S-301 and ThermoFlex

  • Adhere to wet, dusty, weathered building materials or soil surfaces
  • Encapsulate and fix loose radioactive contamination
  • Apply without surface preparation
  • Apply and cure under extreme weather conditions (cold, hot, freeze/thaw, rain/snow)
  • Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic to workers and environment during and after application
  • Non-leaching and low-flammability
  • Will not present additional problems during demolition (hard to cut, loss of adhesion, etc.)
  • Integrate 100% solids epoxy application technology with the no-dig philosophy
  • Protect new and rehabilitating deteriorated infrastructure systems
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Superior structural values for increased strength
  • Zero VOC application for superior confined space safety
  • Single coat, high build applications for reduced down time
  • Superior adhesion
  • NSF for potable water applications
  • Long service life