Portable HEPA Ventilation & Vacuum Systems

HEPA Ventilation SystemBHI Energy provides nuclear-grade HEPA-filtered systems to maintain air quality during activities that can potentially create airborne contamination.

We offer full design capabilities to 10,000 cfm in a variety of portable, lightweight and compact models.

  • AP-500: Compact; portable; ultra lightweight; minimal set up time; easy operation; 500 cfm
  • AP-1000B:  Portable; lightweight; housing-less filter; easy operation; 1,000 cfm; 115 volts
  • AP-2000: High-velocity workhorse for high static loads; 2,000 cfm; 460 volt, 3 phase
  • AP-4000: Maximum capacity and performance; 4,000 cfm; 460 volt, 3 phase 4-8 inch inlets
  • Full range of replacement parts & accessories: Including filters, mufflers/muzzlers, spark arrestors, carbon housing, incinerable ducting and vacuum units

Radflex Flexible Ventilation Hose

Lightweight and flexible, Radflex is designed to withstand the vacuum power of Bartlett’s HEPA ventilation systems. Unlike competitive products, Radflex features a close-pitch helix design. This prevents the hose from collapsing under pressure. Radflex also allows a smooth bend radius, even on 90-degree turns.

Features & Benefits

  • Certified incinerable
  • Typically comes in 25-foot lengths; other sizes available upon request
  • Flame rating per UL94-1995
  • Available in 4,6,8,10 & 12-inch diameters

HEPA Muzzler

The HEPA Muzzler quiets the operation of our ventilation units by reducing exhaust air turbulence and fan tip noise. Its convenient slip-over design makes the HEPA Muzzler easy to install while its stainless steel construction adds durability.

HEPA muzzler

Features & Benefits

  • Typical sound suppression of 8-12dB
  • Easy installation
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Standard stock item for 6-inch and 8-inch round fan exhausts
  • Available for all fans with 1,000 to 10,000 cfm airflow volumes

HEPA Vacuum Units

Bartlett offers a variety of Minuteman vacuums including air-operated and drum models. These are equipped with HEPA filters for safely trapping and containing nuclear material. Bartlett also custom-designs vacuum units for knock-out drums and water protection systems.

Features & Benefits

  • A variety of sizes and configurations
  • Remove hazardous material safely and reliably
  • Simple operations ensure ease of use