BHI On-Demand Staffing Solutions

Dominion’s Millstone Power Station had a full contingent of resources present on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to address these types of activities.  However, the resources were underutilized or not utilized at all, thereby costing the station hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  To resolve the need to have personnel readily available while avoiding delays associated with the up-to 14 day badging process, BHI proposed the solution of having a contingent workforce of badged personnel available on an as-needed basis.

As part of our On Demand Staffing Model, a BHI Program Manager is responsible for overseeing the workforce, ensuring resources are appropriately qualified to perform the work assignments.  Having this single point of contact resulted in performance efficiencies, streamlining of the process, and consistency in the application of the program (soft savings) with cost savings of 17% over the prior year.

Scope Description

  • Firewatch
  • Fire Protection Systems and Equipment Testing and Surveillance (PM/CM)
  • COVID19 Response (Ingress/Egress Management, Temperature Taking, Monitors, Coaches)
  • Visitor Escorts, General Laborer, Utility and Helper Support
  • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Monitoring
  • Confined Space Attendants
  • Administrative Assistants, Work Order Runners / Close Out, Warehouse / Inventory Support
  • Minor Office Maintenance / Facilities – deliveries, furniture assembly, relamping