BHI Webinars

View BHI Energy’s interactive and informative Webinar entitled “Faster and Safer Projects with a Project Managed Alternative Welding System”. Held in conjunction with BIC Magazine in August, the online session featured VP & General Manager Steve Smith, discussing completed projects and the challenges and solutions addressed when dealing with alternative welding systems.

Attendees learned how the project-managed approach to critical path projects has saved tens of millions of dollars in turnaround costs, increased project quality, and optimized safety. Participants gained an understanding of why technology alone cannot bring the efficiencies and productivity gains realized in the industry. With more and more projects being experienced as “critical” projects, turnaround managers can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity for “faster, easier and better”.

You can hear how welding challenges are being solved and learn about the newest innovations that bring high levels of value by tuning in to BHI’s Webinar at