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Fermi COVID-19 Testing Policy as of 1-14-2022

by varesha mauney on 1/14/2022 03:18 PM

All BHI employees, regardless of vaccination status, who are assigned to the Fermi Unit 2 power plant outage will be required to comply with this COVID-19 policy for testing.

  • BHI personnel must have an FDA-approved rapid antigen test administered, regardless of vaccination status, no earlier than five days prior to their report date. This test must be performed by a qualified healthcare provider or can be performed using a “proctored” method. During the proctored method the test must be observed in real time by a telehealth provider or by a BHI designate competent person using live streaming video conference. The results must show as a “negative” for COVID-19 before reporting to the Fermi site.

2)    Once on site, a COVID-19 test must be administered or proctored by the BHI Representative at least once every seven days.

If an employee does not provide documentation of a COVID-19 test result as required by this policy, they will not be allowed to report to the Fermi Unit 2 workplace until they provide a test result.