Welcome To Braidwood

by Eric Bartlett on 11/14/2022 08:52 PM


My name is Marta Overstreet and I will be the site Manager for Braidwood.  You can contact me at 815-830-2029 or

Everyone will report to the site unless you are not coming from Quad. If you are not coming from Quad, you will report to directly to STC. This is the Constellation Services and Traininng Center.  While at STC, you will be working 7:00 – 3:30.  The address is 36400 Essex Rd, Wilmington, IL 60481.

The outage is scheduled for 19 days.  Unit 2 will shut down around midnight on 4/17/23.  We will be supporting Balance of plant activities along with Steam Generator Maintenance.

For Balance of plant technician’s, the JR RP’s will be working 6 12’s or 7 12’s depending on staffing and the SR RP’s will be working 7 12’s.  If you are on SG’s you will be working 7 12’s.  The outage start times will be 0600 or 0730 for dayshift and 1800 or 1930 for nightshift.

Please be on the lookout for an email from Constellation Illuminate.  It could be in your email or your junk mail.  Please fill it out and return as soon as possible.  You also need to be on the lookout for the on boarding paperwork.  This could also be in your regular email or junk mail. If you open it on your phone, scroll to the top and complete the signature first.  Then click on Per diem cert or Minimal physical requirements.    Please fill it out promptly and send it back to the office.

Please come prepared to work with safety shoes and long pants.  If you have a hardhat bring it with you.  If you do not have one, we will provide one.  Safety glasses will be provided.

See you there,